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GoPro at Sal Lake Print E-mail
Jon Stychno

While filming at the 2014 Spring Float Fly, Adam and I got hung up for a second and his little foamie brought down the mighty Super Sky Surfer with 2 GoPros attached. One flew off and sank to the bottom, found after an hour of looking (thanks for the help retrieving Bob, Jim, and Jake), while the other stayed attached. To keep the lenses from fogging and the weight down, neither GoPro was in a water tight case. I've dried one out and it still works! I'm waiting till the one that sat at the bottom dries out a bit more before trying to power it on. Some lessons learned that day! Just glad to get them back and be able to retrieve the files!

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2017 Larry Frank with the Neil Taylor Award

2017 Larry Frank with the Neil Taylor Award

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2017 WCF Swapmeet

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