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1  General Category / General Club Discussion / Work Party Saturday September 15th on: September 14, 2018, 10:36:16 AM
Hi guys,

   Just a reminder there is a work party Saturday, September 15 at 9:00am. We would like to spruce up the field for the Larry Frank Scale Fly In.  Please bring yard tools, hammers for stakes on runway, leaf blowers if you have one, weed eater if you have one. I will bring a ladder and things to clean solar panel. See you at the field!!
2  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: Ideas for race classes for 2016 on: April 11, 2016, 12:34:30 PM
Hey Fellow Racers,
     It's almost that time again. Time to go fast and turn left. Because of some other events the Pylon season will start on May 1st at 10:00am.

1st Class will be the Electrifly Super Sporster EP. Plane must remain stock except for paint/stickers to make planes look different so we know who's who.

2nd Class will be the Infamous Roc Hobby Reno Class. These planes must also remain stock except for Paint/stickers and we have aggeed to let people swap out the elevator servo as some guys were having problems with there's.

3rd Class will be EF1. I'm not sure we will have enough guys to race this class. I have heard that nobody wants to but i don't believe it.

   If anyone wants to race something and can get a couple more guys we will be happy to squeeze you in. There has been talk of starting up our old Quickie 500 class. This would be our first Nitro class in years if we can get it going. Plane must use 9x6 prop, OS la40, fp40 bearingless engine, 15% nitro. if this interests you please speak up.

Hope to see you guys there. Any questions post them up here.

3  General Category / General Club Discussion / Opening Day BBQ and Fly in!! on: April 11, 2016, 12:04:03 PM
  Hello all. Just a reminder that our opening day BBQ is this Sunday April 17th at 10:00am. We will have open flying, flight training for anyone who would like to try and fly a plane, no plane needed, Demo flights from some very skilled pilots including Josh Bernstien with some 3D flying, Jake Chichilitti will try and get dizzy with a control line demo. We will also have some cool warbirds to watch fly and even some glider towing. Please pass the word along. Hope to see you there!!!!!!

Adam Clement
4  General Category / General Club Discussion / Ideas for race classes for 2016 on: February 09, 2016, 01:36:52 PM
   Hello All,

    I'm not sure if the other thread for 2016 pylon racing has mentioned what classes we should race for 2016, because every time I've tried to read it I get booted off. So I apologize if this was already discussed.

   I know we are keeping EF1 and Roc Hobbies. what I'm looking for are ideas for the other two classes. One of the planes that has grabbed our attention for a new beginner class is the Great planes Super Sportster EP. The plane come Receiver ready for about $129.99. It only takes a 1300mah battery and fly's about the same speed as the T-28.

  Another question is do we want to race 3 or 4 classes. We had very low participation in the T-28 and Parkzone class at the end of the year. In fact we didn't even have a final in T-28. I'm game for 4 classes but I'm not sure what to pick. It would be a large jump in speed from the Sportster to Roc hobbies without another class in between.

   So I would like to put my vote in for having the T-28 Changed to The Super Sportster EP. Let's change it up. I really don't know what to vote on for another class. The one I wanted The cosmicwind ep is disco'd I see. Sad. So maybe some one else can suggest something. Like Bringing back Quickie 500!!!

 So let's hear those suggestions. Racing starts in April so you have about a month for suggestions and then a month to get your planes ready.

Adam Clement
5  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: 2015 Pylon Racing Points on: August 17, 2015, 11:02:58 AM
    What a great season!!! I had a lot of fun racing the new Roc Hobbies class. The class seemed to be dominated by the Mustangs but I held in there for 2nd place with my Critical Mess. Paul K wasn't doing to bad with his Corsair either. Congrats to Jake McDonald for coming in First place, and Jake Boatman for taking third.
    Drew K walked away with T-28 Class, literally. Goerge Leap took home 2nd place. Not bad for his first year of racing. Dave Mercer brought home 3rd and he didn't even show up for the last three races.
   Parkzone class was shaping up to be a battle for the last race but Paul K ended up coming in First beating out son Drew who took second place. Paul Gibson got third place. another good finish from a first year racer.
    EF1 was another battle between father and son. Jake McDonald had a jumped start on one of the races which ended with Tony beating him by one point for the season. And to add to some more excitement Steve Cole and Jon Stychno tied for 3rd place. I'll let Jake Mcdonald our race director announce the who won the tie.
     It was a sad day as it was the last of the pylon races at Trentadue Field. And to make it even better was the 105 degree heat we where racing in. Wow it was hot.  Tongue
   Thanks to all who raced and helped out this year. An Extra big Thank You to Jake McDonaldfor being the race director this year. With some good ole fashioned WCFlers luck we will be racing again next season.

6  General Category / General Club Discussion / Last Blast!!!!!!BBQ and Fly In on: August 02, 2015, 05:03:17 PM
      Shocked The Club has decided to have one last Fly in and BBQ. I know this is short notice but it will be on Sunday August 9th. Since we are going to start breaking down the field in a couple weeks we thought it would be a good idea to have one more party at the field. Everyone is invited. Anyone can come and enjoy the BBQ. We will be doing mostly open flying with a few flight demo's here and there. Adam will launch some Rockets for the last time at Trentadue Field. We will try and have some planes to shoot down with Paintball guns. If you have a plane that is worthy of blasting out of the sky feel free to bring it. If you do plan to bring one please reply to the forum that your bringing one. The BBQ will be a pot luck. Please bring a dish for everyone to share and we will supply the Burgers. Grin
     I'm hoping we can get as many people there as we can on such short notice. We have invited Liberty field to come up and I will send word to the propbusters as well. Please help spread the word so we can have the biggest last minute fly in we can. We have a couple of special awards to hand out next Sunday so Please come on up.

Anyone can fly as long as they have their AMA insurance.

Adam Clement
7  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: 2015 Obituary on: June 21, 2015, 08:52:35 PM
Got together with Tony at the end of the third race. New wing and she should be good as new. Tony was able to land but I was not as lucky. I don't know what's better, crashing in the dirt or getting sliced by the wires. D'oh!!!!!
8  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: Jake Chichilitti is Famous! on: April 16, 2015, 07:07:14 PM
   I don't know if I have ever seen a tiger moth done up quite that cool before. Cool Great job Jake!! I think it's pretty darn cool to have our club members mentioned in the AMA mag. We should put together a club scrapbook and put all off the club related published articles and or mentions in it. I'm pretty sure that there are other articles and or mentions about past and current member's. I guess I will have to build something. I've been thinking about it for awhile now. Then send it in to see if it get's picked. Now, what to build?

9  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: Work Party For Opening Day. on: April 16, 2015, 06:57:30 PM
    I would already like to give a big Thank You to Bill Walters. Grin  Bill heard the weeds at the field where getting out of control and went and did a big portion of the weeding today. He did not know about the work party on Saturday sp he went today and did a lot of the work for us. So next time you see Bill at the field give him a big Thank You slap on the back or a hand shake.

Thanks Bill

10  General Category / General Club Discussion / Work Party For Opening Day. on: April 15, 2015, 08:22:18 PM
Hi guys,

    I know this is a little last minute but I'm hoping to get a few guys together this Saturday for a little weeding.
I was at the field last weekend and the weeds have come back like a plague of locust's. I will be at the field at 9:00am Saturday picking weeds if anyone wants to come and help out. I just want it to look nice for next weekend's Opening day.   Grin

Hope to see you there.

11  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: Missing Charger!! on: March 24, 2015, 01:12:27 PM
     Well after a two week vacation in the shed Dobie's charger decided it was time to go home.  Cheesy
    Thanks to all the people who helped track it down.

12  General Category / General Club Discussion / Missing Charger!! on: March 20, 2015, 03:50:28 PM
  On Sunday the 8th of March Dobie and Dylan Baltazar came up to the Flying field. They came, flew and went home. Well on the 15th of March Dobie wanted to go fly at the park for a few  to take his mind off of a project he's working on. He went out to the garage to charge up some batteries and he could not find his charger any place.  Sad To the best of his recollection he left it at the field. It is an Icharger with a paraboard attached to it. If anyone has seen it could you either let Dobie or I know. dobiebaltazar@hotmail.com, adampclement@gmail.com.

Thanks Guys!!
13  General Category / General Club Discussion / Re: It's Swap Meet Time Again on: March 11, 2015, 09:06:16 PM
I'll take it. What do ya want for it $50. I'll take 2 we can race!! Smiley. That's pretty cool. Was there any video?

14  General Category / Buy and Sell / Re: Most sought after battery on: March 11, 2015, 09:00:16 PM
I believe that is Jake Boatman's. Last seen flying south south east from the area of the t-28 pylon. I can't wait to hear wear you found it. Hours where spent looking. People went missing. It was quite the search party. Grin.

15  General Category / General Club Discussion / It's Swap Meet Time Again on: March 10, 2015, 12:23:58 PM
    We have scheduled another Swap meet at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Bldg.  Grin The swapping happens on Saturday May 16th at 8:00am in the Lodge Room. Setup starts at 7:30am. Tables are $10 reserved before the event and $15 the day of the event. Table tend to sell out so reserve your today. Please email me at adampclement@gmail.com to ask questions or to reserve a table. Don't be left out Sad.

Adam Clement
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