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February, 2001


The plans for the tough shed have been finalized and it should be here in a few weeks. We will also investigate rolling the parking logs back and moving the existing shed to expand our pit area. Doug Boucher has come up with a resurfacing system for our runway. It is slowly deteriorating and we need to do something to add a few years to it and maybe take care of the green "goo" that seems to get everywhere while we are at it. We will discuss this further at the next meeting.

We need a Field Marshall, or three. Our frequency control/impound system has been pretty lax. There was an incident a few weeks ago where a pilot who had been flying was cleaning up his plane and turned on his radio while another pilot who had the pin was flying. Luckily the plane was saved and no one got hurt. This is a very serious situation and needs to be remedied immediately. All we need is one stray aircraft to crash in the pits/parking lot or heaven forbid the dump site itself and we would lose our field permanently. We have a large membership with many new people who as well as the seasoned members do not use the impound properly. I understand the trepidation of some people about placing expensive radios in the existing impound. That is why we are going ahead with the new shed and a new pin board.

Larry Childs has offered to machine and anodize a new set of frequency pins at no charge to the club. Now, this brings us back to the Field Marshals. Their duty would entail overseeing that general safety guidelines are being followed at the field including the impound/pin issue. We need more than one person so ideally there would be someone available most weekends. It is not a large burden. It only requires a watchful eye and a willingness to lead by example and make the necessary corrections when necessary. Remember we now run on a points system, and this would be an easy way to earn 20 pts. If you would like to help out (and please do!) Come to the next meeting and show your support. Don’t forget the door prize and the 50/50 raffle where you could win a nice prize or even cash! We have allocated a sizable prize budget for every meeting so if you don’t show you’re missing out!

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By Rob Jensen

Well, as most of you know I now own Hangar One Hobbies. It is a dream come true for me, and I am needless to say, very exited. I would like to thank David for giving me the opportunity to make this happen. Now, this means my flying time is going to be more limited, but I will still be involved heavily with the club, probably more than ever. I have a new toy, it is called a "LiteStik" and it is an indoor/outdoor slow flyer. It weighs 7.5 oz, is 3 channel and can be had for about $130.00 with ALL airborne gear! I have been flying it in the front yard using the street lights. It flies about the speed of a Wingo and will turn pretty tightly. I will bring it to the next meeting and if the main hall is clear, we’ll buzz around for a while. I will also bring my foam cutter and give a wing cutting workshop. This will be a "Hands On" demo so you can try it. If you would like to try a foam wind but are hesitant I will show you the wonders of working in foam. If all this ugly weather has got you itching to fly, Tom Nowelsky will bring his computer and the Real Flight Generation II simulator software. Should be a hoot, don’t miss it! By the way I would like to send out a get well soon to Larry Frank, and Jean Lange. Our thoughts are with you guys.

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Anybody been watching Survivor II? Name the plane that drops them off for a prize at the next meeting. See Ya!


By Dale Ciaroni

Just a reminder that all membership dues must be received by February 28, 2001. Any dues not renewed by February 28th will be assessed an additional $50.00. This additional amount was not implemented as a penalty, but as an incentive for everyone to get their dues in on time so that we can get membership badges and updated rosters out to everyone in a timely fashion. Also, if any of your membership information needs to be updated or changed, please make a note of it so we will have your current and accurate address, telephone number and e-mail information.

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Larry Childs was kind enough to host this month’s board meeting at his home in Cotati. The first order to business was to put Steve Cole in charge of the point system. He will see to it that all points are recorded. He will be assisted by all board members. Forms will be printed up for this purpose. (Steve has a new phone number for those who don’t already know: 566-8838). Jeff Costa, though he wasn’t at the meeting, will be in charge of seeing to it that field maintenance will be taken care of when needed.

Doug Boucher and Jeff volunteered to head up the events committee for the coming year. I’m sure we can look forward to a busy schedule.

Larry Childs announced that the Tuff Shed in on order so that in the coming flying season we will have a safe and secure transmitter impound area. Transmitter impound will be strictly enforced this year. There have been too many incidents in the past with radios being turned on when they shouldn’t have. Larry will also be making new frequency pins for us as the old ones are pretty well worn.

Doug Boucher brought up the fact that our Astro Turf runway is deteriorating rather badly. That’s what all that green stuff in on your wheels and other parts of your planes. He proposed that we seal the surface, which will extend the life of the runway and keep your airplanes cleaner. We would also put a white line down the center, which should help on those landings and take-offs. This will be brought up at the next meeting for a vote as it requires a substantial layout of funds.

If was also mentioned that there have been too many spectators wandering around the pit area lately. For their own safety, we need to keep them behind the fence. Maybe a better fence is the answer. Speaking of safety, the need for a Field Marshall was brought up. We will be looking for a volunteer soon.

Lastly, Rob announced that there will be a foam cutting demonstration at the next meeting. In addition, future board meetings will be held at Hangar One Hobbies, time and date to be announced.

That’s all for this month. Keep’em flyin’.


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