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Next meeting: Tuesday the 18th of November 2003. Time: 7:30 P.m.

Veterans Memorial Bldg. (Northwest Room) Across from Fairgrounds
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2003 Club Officers:

President: Steve Cole (707) 566-8838

Vice President: Red Jensen (707) 585-3170

Secretary: Larry Miller (707) 577-0496

Treasurer: Tom Haddorff (707) 526-7058

Member @ Large John Reade (707) 545-9831

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Newsletter: Phil Leech (707) 538-8557

Stevo Smith (707) 523-4703

Website: Stevo Smith (707) 523-4703


This issue is jam packed. You will notice a few of the articles the font is smaller. Just squeezing it to fit. We could go with more pages but we try to keep it around 8 as the mailing label works out just right.

Lots of flying went on this summer and its still good weather. Well, some of the time.

Donít forget to attend the annual Wine Country Flyers Christmas Extravaganza Party Eating Gift Getting Thingamabob next month. December 13th (Saturday night) We will be collecting for advanced seating soon. We really had a great time last year and this should top that so donít be shy and come on down to Cattlemanís Steakhouse.

Really appreciate the emails with photos and articles. We couldnít do it without your help.

See ya at the next meeting. We will be having final voting for officers.


We have two new members this month to welcome. We have Milton Woolley from Novato and Steve Swain of Rohnert Park. Hope to see both of these guys at our next meeting or at the field soon. This brings our membership to 110 for 2003!


Submitted by Phil Leech

Sunday, Oct 26 Sid Maxwell officiated at the Combat Air Squadron event. Sid gives us a detailed blow by blow narrative in his column this month "Combat Exhibition" (see below). One thing that Sid doesnít mention is the turnout to see the show. We had about 50 people show up as spectators and participants. Not sure how the word got out but the turnout was more than we anticipated. Sid was really happy to see this kind of response to his project.

The following Sunday, Nov. 2, was also a day to remember. Steve Cole and John Reade had scheduled a work party to place the Astro Turf in our pit area. At 8:00 AM, Jack Collins was at the field with his trusty Kubota tractor ready to help spread and unroll the seven rolls of Astro Turf that we had brought from SACRATS in the East Bay. Steve Cole was on hand to organize and direct the work. We started by taking up all of the old carpet and preparing the area for the Turf. About 20 guys showed up and things were in full swing by 8:30 or so. It took us a little to get the hang of handling the heavy and bulky carpet but soon we had one 15 foot roll in place over the width of the pit area with two more rolls to go. By 12:30 we had covered three roll widths (45í) the length of the pit area (150í?) and we had a new heli pad in place too. To top that all off it was held in place with spikes and fender washers. We all had worked hard but Steve Cole is an absolute "workin machine" making many of us feel like we are a little past our prime. In the mean time, Art Sutter had been out looking for the "Taco Truck" that hangs out near Alexander Valley Road and Healdsburg Ave. Art didnít find the Taco Truck but he did make it to the deli counter at a local grocery store. Art brought up three BBQ chickens, two containers with BBQ tri-tip, some deli cheese, two loaves of sliced bread and two loaves of French bread along with hot peppers and mayo. The only thing was that we didnít have any plates or utensils. No problem. Sid and I came up with our handy dandy Swiss Army knives and we managed to mangle the chicken and cut the bread into something like sandwiches. At this point nobody was noticing the format as we all "chowed down". Sure did appreciate the picnic, Art!

And we had another "New Solo" with John Stouffer who qualified as a "natural flyer" with his instructor, Ralph Grella. Congratulations John.

Putting our backs into it!

Carpet Crew




General Membership Meeting 10/21/03

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Steve Cole.

There were 22 members present. New members Brodie Carlson and son were introduced to the group.

The first order of business was the drawing for the door prize, a gallon of fuel, which was won by Sid Maxwell.

This was followed by the treasurer's report which was given by Phil Leech on behalf of Treasurer Tom Haddorff who was on vacation. He also reported that we picked up four new flyers in the last month for a grand total of 108 members for the year.

It was reported that there will be a work party on Sunday, November 2nd at the field to install the new astro turf. This is a big job so members were encouraged to help out.

Sid announced that there will be a combat exhibition at the field on Sunday, October 26.

Being the end of the year, the President called for nominations for club officers for the upcoming new year. For the office of President, Stevo Smith was the only nominee. Likewise, the only nominee for Vice President was Phil Leech. Tom volunteered to remain as Treasurer and Larry Miller will remain as Secretary. Sid Maxwell was nominated to the position of Member At Large. New board members will be appointed by the new President.

Stevo announced that he is working on finding a professional web-designer to modernize our website. Stevo says "The goal is to make the site easier to navigate and update." We will report on this as it progresses.

Phil reported that he is working on the upcoming Christmas party. Doug Boucher, who did such a great job as MC last year, will again take over that task.

John Reade brought in the new solo certificates he made up to be presented to Jerry Williams, John Stouffer, Joe Gieger, and Larry Winterborne, all of whom soloed recently. Congratulations guys.

Next came what everyone was waiting for, the 50/50 raffle. A total of $86 was up for grabs and the lucky winner wasÖÖÖÖBroday Carlson Jr. Other big winners in the drawing were Doug Boucher, who won a Spacewalker ARF, Stevo got a new cutting mat,

and John Lehtio, Ralph Grella, Julio Alvarez, Joe Kagan, and Gary Child all picked up some pretty nice stuff.

For show and tell, John Reade brought in his latest model, a Lanier Mariner .40. John says it's a great flying aircraft, partly due to the fact he put a .60 engine in it.

Sid and his combat squadron brought in their combat planes to drum up interest in their upcoming exhibition.

Steve Cole showed some video he took at the Reno Air Races and also brought along the P-38 he's been working on. It has been test flown successfully and he's now working on finishing it up.

Kevin Riecke recently purchased a Dave Platt ME-109 kit that he brought in to share with us. There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Miller, Secretary



Board Meeting October 28,2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Steve Cole. Other members present were Stevo Smith, Phil Leech, Rob Jensen, Gary Child, and Larry Miller. The first item of business was to go over the bylaws that Gary has worked so hard on over the past few months and make suggestions or corrections. The final draft seems to be complete and will be made available to the membership for their approval. Any suggestions or questions from the membership will be addressed at the next general meeting.

We will be working on the updated club and field rules as our next project.

A discussion of the budget, gifts, and awards for the annual Christmas party was held. Phil is working on this project for us. A flyer will be out shortly with all the information concerning location, cost, menu, etc.

Discussed the upcoming astro turf work party, lining up volunteers, tractors, etc.

We also talked about replacing the safety fencing at the field. Sid Maxwell will be heading up this project.

Since it was well after 9:00 pm, we adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Miller, Secretary


By Sid Maxwell

Flying the Combat Exhibition

WOW !!! What a wild day. A wild combat day. We really had a fun time. For all of you that didn't make it you should have. Maybe next time. We had 8 Colonels flying combat, one mid-air, 5 streamers cut and lots of crashes. All but one flew Fun Bats and many had exotic names such asÖÖ Bat-tle Axe by
Red Jensen, Screamín Bad Bat by sid maxwell, Bat Hacker by Julio Alvarez, Ding Bat by Bob Film, Bat dot com by Gary Child only to name a few. We were worried about landing in the, "Landing Zone", a 60' x 60' spot zone in the center of the runway, all at the same time. Do you think anyone landed there..............only a few. Nothing to worry about. It was really a hot day and we had a few trips into the JUNGLE retrieving but not too bad. Everyone flew their combat planes great, it was good to see such capable pilots. All of us are ready and willing to have another combat exhibition and there are 9 plus Colonels almost ready to go. There will be another one soon and I bet it will be more fun than this one.

Thank you all.......

So let's fly ................see you there

sid maxwell


By Sid Maxwell

The Squadron had their first combat Exhibition on October 26, 2003.

It was the first of many the Squadron will showcase. Eight combat Colonels loaded up the whole nine yards and had nothing but fun and we are ready for more. Now the Squadron has added 5 more Colonels, :Colonel Paul Kramosil, Colonel Steve Jensen,

Colonel Jerry Williams, Colonel Andrew Tickel, Colonel Steve Stiefer. We now have 19 Colonels in the Squadron. Calling all those in the non-commissioned ranks.

Join the Squadron, be a Colonel and fly combat.

Take the challenge--------------fly combat.

Colonel sid maxwell

Timely Tips

By Sid Maxwell

If you hate filling dents in balsa and you run out of Balsa Filler. Get out a box of baking powder. Put a little on the dent then a drop of thin CA. Sand it with fine sandpaper for a smooth finish.

sid maxwell



FUN BATS------ARF combat plane.15 size, 37" wing complete with hardware, gas tank and hinges.......................................$22.00

sid maxwell (707)584-4428 (530) 832-4548

The Hangar

Submitted by sTevo Smith

Howdy folks.

Hope all are doing well. Donít know about you, but itís been a real busy time of year for me. It happens every year. Right before the rainy season, everyone all of the sudden wants the exterior of their house painted "Before the rains come". So I have been trying to tie up loose ends and finish what I can. On top of all that, my wife and I got in this organizing mode and went nuts on my office/work space. Turning out pretty cool but this organizing takes a lot of time. Need to do it though otherwise I wonít have a space to work on the important things in my life. You know, building planes and stuff.

Well what Iím trying to get at (yes I am trying to get to something) we would like to see where you work on your stuff. I am including a pic of my still messy office/shop to get the ball rolling. I will have to take another shot when I get it really together but for now its better than it was. (You should have seen the before shot). I also have a bench out in the Garage but that will have to wait for another rainy spell. It is so hard for me to take the time needed to do this but once I get started I tend to be a little obsessive. Donít know if you can see it but there is a mirror on the back wall that is angled so I can see all the way to the edge of the table. It really helps especially when you donít have the room to have a bench that can be used from both sides. I also use a Great Planes Magnetic building board which I donít know how I got along without it before. I did surrender one wall for my wifeís craft table but that is a small price to pay to have 70 % of the rest of the room. She is pretty supportive of my hobby and that means a lot.

sTevoís start at organizing

Wanted to take a moment here to mention a few club member who might like to know their fiends are thinking of them.

There are a few in the club that have been having some health issues and we just want to let them know they are missed.

I spoke with Roland DeConti a few weeks ago and he said "he hasnít been feeling too good." He seemed to really appreciate thinking of him so if you have a spare minute, pick up the phone and give our buddy a call 433-7930. It would really make his day and yours too.

Another is Joe Kagan. He is doing better but his wife Rita was scheduled for surgery last I spoke with him. Hope everything is going okay Joe.

And we donít want to forget our own "Fearless Flyer" Sid Maxwell. His girlfriend has been having a rough go of it for awhile now. We hope she is recovering well Sid.

Okay now. For yíall to fully appreciate why I am in such need for organization:

Here is an email sent to me back in May 2003 from one of our former Presidents, Kevin Riecke

Hey Stevo-here is some stuff for the newsletter or whatever.

Here are a couple of pics of the Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat. The kit is by JR Custom Products Inc., Tucson AZ. The kit is mfg. on request only, and I donít think its available any longer. I have spent approx 3 hours to skin the cores, plumb with piping for ailerons and throttles, and construct the boxes inside the nacelles. I couldnít wait to tape the pieces together to get a quick peek at the general outline. The span will be 66", and unlike the other Grumman plane I built I will not clip these wings. Target weight is 10.5 lbs. and I may actually achieve it due to using lightweight composites and carbon fiber. The ply spar was replaced with a carbon fiber spar already. Retracts are Spring Air with scale Robostruts. Power is 2 OS .61s with pitts mufflers. It will not be lacking for power, but as with most of my planes I like to have more than enough and fly with mild throttle settings. The rudder will be set up with a gyroÖ..just in case of an engine taking a break in flight. I will also use an on board glow system. JR 4131, 811 servos will be on control surfaces. More pics as work progresses. The kit is a fast builder, but I have to say Iím glad to have a few kits under the belt as this kits instructions can be pretty vague in places. Its definitely not for a beginner with few building skills.

This is a finished example of another kit Iím working on.......think Ill use a Moki 1.35 for power.....

Awesome projects Kev. He always comes up with these really neat kits. I emailed him back and apologized for the delay. Hopefully he will send us some updated photos soon. Thanks Kevin.

Here is another email I misplaced. (Man, Iím just spilling my guts here. Note to self: Donít drink Margaritas when working on newsletter late at night).

This is from Rich Larson. Sorry for the delay Hope the offer still stands.

"I'm a contractor that installs home theater systems and just recently worked out an association with a retail TV/Stereo store in the north bay. I can purchase audio/ video equipment at near wholesale prices. I thought I'd see if anyone in the club was interested in making some trades for equipment. A big screen TV has

$500 to $1500 markup and Plasma TV's can have as much as $4000 markup. Stereo systems usually have about a 40% markup. I'm not looking for a $1-to-$1 trade and the equipment doesn't necessarily have to be new, either. Eric wants to get into helicopters and I'm hoping this will be a practical way for us to start flying them. I'll work out the details with whoever is interested.

Here's a list of some of the equipment I can get at a discount: home stereo equipment, home theater equipment, most TV's (tube, big screen, plasma),

home speakers and subwoofers, VCRS, DVD players, camcorders, digital cameras, CD players, headphones, car stereo equipment and speakers, PA (public address) systems."


Rich Larsen


Building the ultimate combat machine

By Red

Looking back on a great day of combat, I thought I would share all of my set-up secrets to try to talk more people into coming out and joining us. Combat set-up centers entirely on aircraft agility. The more agile and quick your craft is, the more chances you will have at your opponents streamer. It is all about turning performance. There are several things I did to improve this. Since we are all flying the same engine/plane combo, several small things add up to sizeable advantage. Hereís what I did.

1. Make the plane as light as possible. This means the smallest servoís that will do the job along with a tiny receiver and a small capacity battery pack. Ounces count here! I also cut out the lightening holes bigger than marked.

2. To further lighten the wing loading, I added approx. 7 inches to the span with balsa wing tips. This adds wing area at a minimal weight penalty, lowering the wing loading. This has a dramatic effect on turning performance.

3. When you glue in the tail boom, pull it as far out as possible and still retain a good joint. Also move the stabilizer about 1 inch further back than the stock location. This will make it fly smoother at the more rearward C.G. position discussed in the next tip. I added a small dorsal fin to the rudder to add directional stability. The stock bats Iíve seen fly need more fin area. When I build another one, I will cut a new one out with considerably more area. When turning hard on the edge of a stall, the extra area really helps.

4. The stock C.G. is a safe bet for a stable plane, but we want a carving machine! You can move it back 3/8 inch or more if you are careful about it. It is VERY IMPORTANT if you move the C.G. aft you REDUCE elevator travel. The plane will not be anymore sensitive if done properly, it will just loop tighter. Once you have the C.G. set, increase travel slowly until it snaps out of a full throttle loop. Add about 30% expo to soften the center up and youíre set.

5. The iron-on hinge is HEAVY! I used the covering material to make my hinges. This does two things. It lightens the plane (light, light, light!) and it seals the gaps making the controls much more effective.

6. I mounted the motor as far back as it would go in the mount and cut the rest off. Two more gains here. Its lighter again, and by moving the motor closer to the C.G., you are reducing the inertial moment making for a quicker turning plane.

7. Make sure your vent line in the tank is as close to the top as possible. You want to get every last drop of fuel in the tank. You have to make it through the entire round to score all possible points and you canít do that if your motor runs out of fuel. In addition, with some power plant mods discussed later, you will use more fuel.

That pretty much wraps up the airframe portion, lets look at the business end. In combat, speed is life! Speed will get you to the target quicker, and get you out of harms way in a flash.

1. Firstly the little Magnum .15 is a hot motor when treated right. The most dramatic thing you can do is take the muffler apart and drill out as much of the exhaust baffle as possible. Use lots of Loc-tite for reassembly. The baffle is there to keep the noise level reasonable, but the motor is so quiet anyway, the increase in noise is not out of line at all. This is good for at least 1-2k rpm increase.

2. Balance that prop! These motors will turn over 17k and unload more in the air. An unbalanced prop will rob rpm and make the plane vibrate excessively. This could lead to premature breakage of the muffler bolts. (More on this later) This alone is worth a few hundred rpm.

3. The weak link is the muffler, or more specifically the muffler bolts. Do not use the gasket provided. This allows a small amount of play between the motor and muffler and I feel this causes the bolts to break. Replace the bolts with Du-bro ones, they are socket head and are of a higher tensile strength. Use lots of loc-tite for reassembly.

4. Donít be tempted to run higher nitro. It wonít help, the motor is timed conservatively and it will just be a waste.

5. Donít lean for peak rpm. The plane will lean out due to the hard Gís itís pulling and from getting hotter from flying at a slower airspeed with full power due to all the maneuvering youíll be doing. Set it slightly fatter than you normally would and it will be fine.

I donít think anyone who saw my plane fly would argue the fact that I had a considerable edge on the rest of the field. I could pick my targets at will and run away from the heat at anytime. There is nothing magic about my plane. I just put in a little extra thought and effort into the setup. When we all start with the same stuff, you have to work hard to find an edge. I will gladly help anyone who would like to get the most from their set-up. I donít expect to have an edge next time. Címon letís fight!



Christmas Party

Dec 13 (Saturday night)

OK, Mark your calendars cause this is the only event left this year. Last year was a blast so you should really try to make it if you can. We are going to have some great prizes to be given away so be there and have some fun with us.


P.O. BOX 4198