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2014 Open Day
Sunday, 25 May 2014

Work Party 2014
May Warbird Pylon
Monday, 19 May 2014

Report by Tony McDonald, video by Jon Stychno

High winds blowing down the pylons on both ends of the course greeted the racers early in the morning Sunday May 18th.

After the usual Pilots meeting the racing started shortly after ten o'clock. Paul Gibson and Doug Moore got the T-28/Corsair class under way with a mid-air collision on the back stretch of the short course. Paul only lost his canopy, while Doug went down in the vineyard hard. Looks like Doug will be able to repair his racer with a little tender loving care!

The Parkzone Warbird class saw it's first crash early. Paul Kohlmann's beautifully painted Swiss ME-109 spun into the grapes. The only FW-190 to compete this year was damaged on final approach after hitting a metal stake at the end of the runway. Both Paul and Wylie should have their planes repaired by next mouths race.

The Dogfighter class had three pilots compete this race! Jon Stychno, Brian Young, and Adam Clement were burning up the pylons. There was a lot of close calls, but no collisions. EF-1 racing was rather un-eventful. A lot of clean racing and only one damaged Miss Dara on landing.

Due to the windy conditions the was a lot of precision flying demonstrated in all of the four different racing classes this month. Some carnage was on display also allowing some spectators to see the inner most details of model airplanes. As always it was a great show. With a little ruffled feathers, bruised ego's, some heckling and a lot of fun. Special thanks to the race Director for keeping everything as fair and even as possible.

Keeping the Field in good shape...
Sunday, 11 May 2014

Work Party 2014

Vice President/Safety Officer Wylie Walters got everyone busy making the improvements to the club's flying site promptly at ten o'clock. Everybody worked on recovering the tables in the pit area. Some members brought out gas-powered blowers and blew off the runway and pits. Bill Walters mowed the outlying grassy areas the day before the work party, and still made time to show up and help some more the day of the work party! Everyone should take the opportunity to thank Bill for the years of mowing he has done for the club. Bill usually flies during the week or the occasional Saturday. The father and son team (Bill and Wylie) get a lot done at the club through out the year. The weather for the Fun Fly was windy, very windy. Still we had five pilots compete. The first event "Golf" was won by Wylie with the ball six feet away from the target. The second event "The dice roll" was won by Jon S. with a low time of four seconds I believe. The third event "All up last down" was won by Adam with a Fun Cub. Surprisingly not one plane was lost in the high winds!

2014 Pylon #2
Monday, 28 April 2014
Report by Jacob McDonald, video by Jon Stychno

Aprils Pylon racing started out with a wet runway as well as an overcast. The overcast didn't last long before the sun came out and the field dried up. In the EF-1 class the airplanes were weighed and most people passed the first time but some people had to break out the quarters and tape to add some weight. All and all it was a fun and exciting race day with tons of carnage!

The T-28/Corsair class had six entries. The pilots were John Reade, Paul Libbon, Phil Leech, Jake Boatman, Paul Kohlman, and Dave Mercer. This class had the most carnage of the day with multiple mid-airs! The first mid-air of the day was Phil Leech and John Reade, when they got together Phil's Corsair lost its wings while the fuselage kept going! John broke the wing spar in his T-28 but skillfully made it back onto the ground safely. The next mid-air in this class was between Dave Mercer and Paul Libbon. When these two got together Dave lost half of his wing and spiraled into the vineyard. Paul appearing to have minimal or no damage continued to race. When Paul landed and we looked for damage on his T-28 it appeared to have no damage!

The Warbird class had five entries, there was also a lot of close combat racing happening in this class as well which made it interesting to watch. This classes pilots were Tony McDonald, Jacob McDonald, Jon Stychno, Wylie Walters, and Brian Germonie. The first two races of this class all the battles were happening up front while the racers in the back flew the coarse safely and waited for the leaders to cut. The last two races everybody was in a big pack trying to beat one another out while trying not to take out another fellow racer! The last race of the day for this class Jon and Jacob mid-aired! Jon's Spitfire took off Jacob's Mosquito wingtip and half of the flap. The Mosquito did make a mayday belly landing making it back safely while the Spitfire continued to race and got the victory!

The Dogfighter class had Two pilots, Adam Clement and Jon Stychno. This class was the only class to not have any injured airplanes. But the pilots still put on good exciting races to watch.

EF-1 had six entries. The racers were Tony McDonald, Jacob McDonald, Jon Stychno, Brian Germonie, Wylie Walters, and Steve Cole. This class had some exciting battles as well as all of the other classes but what usually comes with good battles is Mid-airs. Jacob and Jon got together again and Jacob's Miss Dara had Jon's Shoestring put the prop through the wing but both continued to race. Jon's Shoestring suffered a prop ding

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