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2014 Funfly II
Friday, 25 April 2014
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Fun fly 2013
Presidents report to the membership
Tuesday, 25 March 2014

As we enjoy our beautiful flying field this summer I need to take a moment to remind all club members that each and every one of us has the responsibility to protect the environment of the Trentadue families Winery. Keep in mind that this is their home and place of business. They have invited us to be their guests, and to enjoy our hobby on their land. There are very few families in California that would grant us such a gift. That being said I want to encourage all of us to fly in the designated area that we have been given. I cannot stress enough that the Winery buildings that sit directly east of the runway shall never be overflown! The Winery holds events and conducts their business in these buildings. They have employees and guest visiting these premises daily. If you have a AMA insured guest with you make sure they are aware of this simple request from our host. You are a ambassador of the club the moment you enter the property. Your conduct reflects upon the entire membership, board members and officers of The Wine Country Flyers.

Thank you, Tony McDonald WCF President. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 707-479-2152.
2014 WCF Spring Swap Meet
Saturday, 22 March 2014
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Fun fly 2013
2014 Pylon #1
Monday, 17 March 2014
Report by Tony McDonald, video by Jon Stychno

Sunny skies finally greeted the Wine Country Flyers pylon races this year. After last years windy and rainy season it was a nice change. The warm weather brought out fifteen pilots! Paul Gibson, John Reade, Doug Moore, Julio Alvarez, Wylie Walters, Jake Boatman, Dave Mercer, Brian Young, Bryan Germone, Steve Cole, Mark Crowley, Jon Stychno, Paul Kohlmann, Phil Leech, and Myself. And six pilots competed in multiple classes.

The T-28/Corsair class had the most entries. Seven in total. Paul Kohlmann and Jake Boatman are tied in the points race with three wins and one cut-out for each pilot. The Parkzone Warbird class had five competitors. We saw our new class with equal speeds with the four different aircraft designs. Two Spitfires, one P-47, one Fw-190, and two Mosquito's raced. Jon Stychno won the points battle for the day. The Dogfighter class had three competitors. Jon Stychno dominated the class with three victories. The EF-1 class had seven pilots signed up to compete but one dropped out with equipment malfunctions. Steve Cole won the day with a victory in every race he ran!

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